18 Mar

I am currently in hate with d-words. Why? Because the big-daddy of them all, a.k.a. Divorce, and I became too well-acquainted. Technically, in the state of Ohio, I had my marriage dissolved (a dissolution of marriage) rather than undertake the arduous process of a divorce. All that means is that Pepe le Pew (the ex, to be heretofore known as ‘Pepe’) and I were able to agree on the particulars and divvy up our accumulation of shared and unshared assets and debts.

With those d-words, divorce and dissolution, come a whole host of others that lead to or stem from the consequential divorce.

D-words that lead to divorce: debauchery, discontent, diametric opposition, differences (of an irreconcilable nature), discord, disparagement, disrespect, division, depression, dread, damaged.

D-words that followed divorce: disconnectedness, doldrums, dating, death (of the marriage/relationship), dieting, discernment, disentangled, delighted, debt.

D-words describe feelings, places and emotions. They are words that help to tell a story. And so begins mine…life after the D-WORD!

To jump or not to jump began this quest…and jump I did! Now, to deal with the aftermath…


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